Hello everyone, this is my first post.
We have a house with very limited space and
couple of years ago I installed bathtub.
Here is the picture how it is placed:

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So, it is a little bit non standard installation.
We could not use a tub with borders on left, right and long sides,
which are for wall-attached installations, obviously.
So, this is a "freestanding" tub without borders on any side.
I bought separate L shape profiles to be attached to places
where borders should be.
And it seems worked.

Now, we have leaks underneath (there is a non-finished basement,
so water just goes down). Not too much, probably less then a litter
when somebody takes shower.
I tested it with shower on - no leaks,
then I realized that when somebody gets into tub, under his weight
tub borders goes down a little and there is millimetre or a few
is a gap, where water from shower gets in.

I can see, that silicon I used (GE Silicon II) is pealed off from the tub.

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Is it supposed to bond to tub? It is acrylic fiberglass tub.
What should I use - same silicon or something better?
I think, before doing resealing, I should put lot of weight in the tub
and fill with water, so tub will be "in down position".

Interesting, that it peels off even in the place where tub should not have any

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Perhaps, I have not cleaned area to be sealed properly.
Any suggestions how to do it in a proper way?

Thank you.