Hello All,

I have an issue here. I've been reading on this forum a bit and have come to realize I need 4 wire to wire an outbuilding and service panel that meets code.

Well, here is where I'm at. A few years ago i ran a trench 30 inches deep to my outbuilding. I put in a 2" conduit with a satellite cable, a pex water line and a 10 guage 2 wire with ground. I wrapped the three components in pipe insulation and pulled it through a section of conduit at a time and glued the pvc up. I think its about 60 ft. from house to outbuilding. It was a really tight fit and was a real pain.

Well, now its 2012 and I'm ready to start building my woodworking shop. I read that in need a 3 wire with ground. My question is this. There is a Romex line running to the outbuilding now that is on one 20 amp circuit in the house panel. its burried along a different path and not in conduit. It is grounded to a rod and it is 12 guage. Can I disconnect it from the main inside and use the wires at the outbuilding as a 4th wire or does the difference in gauge kill this idea?

I'm a complete novice when it comes to electrician work so please forgive me for messing up terminology.