You are doing great work, and I love the look. It is crisp looking and has a nice flair. How much more to go? Regarding, my life it can be very boring, just most of the time, it is busy. I had a long day, spending 2 hours at the doctors for PTSS, which I suffer with and which, wears me out; hopefully, someday I can fix it.

My neighbor age 86, came over and wanted to know, ( laughingly) what type of dryer I have. I told her, " big, it is big, huge, massive, and can peel the paint off of walls." Told her, that it dries the clothes until, they fall apart, lol. Everyone was affected by this. The light company had to go around I found out by my neighbor and had to ask if it was okay, if the power would be off for about an hour. Most asked what happened, and, the light company told them, that I turned on my dryer and blew the wire off. To this light company I say, THANKS!