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Yeah, I was laughing when they fired me for writing prescriptions without a medical license, lol. My one and only.
I am eventually leaving this part time job, no need to get my face ripped off now, I stepped up, to getting my chances of getting shot.

When someone asks me what do I do for a living, I just say, " I don't know." Do you remember the old tv show, where the one man was all positions in town? He was the chief of police, the fire chief, the store keeper.... can't remember the name of the show, but, I wear many hats. One person asked me if I was a triplet, cause she saw me in 3 different places working,

No grass grows under these stilettos.

I know Andy Griffith had a lot of hats.

So you are wearing stilettos ? They are hard on the prostrate, and make my back hurt. lol

Have a Good Friday and a Great Weekend.