In the basement of a house I have a toilet that all of a sudden seems to be slow(er) to drain, when it does the water seems to slowly stop draining before it should.. then stops and gargles and glugs when it's about 80-90% drained. Also after a bunch of flushes or a long shower will start to gargle and attempt to back up into the bath tub, the water comes up the drain of the tub but seems to almost always stop 1/4 from spilling into the tub.

The toilet line has been snaked three times with a rented snake from home depot. 25/50/75' most likely this one http://*********rents.com/diyTools/r...-_-easy_rooter or something close ( only 75' though) I have been at work when this is being done.

Whatever the issue is it has gotten better, at one point once flushed the water would just start seeping out from under the toilet, this rarely happens now. If it does it isn't a lot of water. The wax ring was replaced once..

Any advice would be great... this is becoming irritating.