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Thread: Toilet dreams, Comfort height, elongated bowl and short.

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    Cool Toilet dreams, Comfort height, elongated bowl and short.

    I need ti replace the toilet in my mothers home. She is 80+ so it needs to be comfort height, she prefers an elongated bowl and the total height can not be over 28.5 inches as the toilet fits under a granite shelf. I am frustrated because a lot of the toilet descriptions has rim height but not total height. I was looking at the Kohler Santa Rosa but the reviews are not very good. additionally I am not wealthy so a 600.00 toilet is out of the question, though I would pay $400.00 if need be. Any suggestions

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    Here's probably the best toilet for your needs. The Toto Supreme ADA (16-1/2") This is a one piece unit which makes cleaning much easier. It is also low profile, measuring 25-1/2" from the floor to top of tank. A soft close seat is included in the price. Terry sells this for $469.99. Your local price may be higher, but you would have to check and shop around a bit to see. the number of this unit is: MS864114L. BTW, ADA height is just slightly higher that the Comfort height. This toilet requires a standard 12" rough-in and is available in Cotton White only.
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    I installed the New Santa Rosa for testing this weekend. I'll know more in a week or so.
    The old one had the 2" flushvalve. The new one has the Class Five trapway and flush valve.

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