Hey all,

I am in the process of adding a seperate shower into our masterbath. Currently we have 1/2" copper supply lines feeding a single vanity, a tub/shower combo, and the toilet. I was planning to T off the existing 1/2" copper lines and running new lines to the shower. The tub/shower combo will now be a stand alone soaker tub. The new shower will be on the other side of the room approximately 8 ft from the existing lines.

Based on what I'm planning will I run into water pressure problems? Right now I believe we have water pressure of around 4-5 gpm. If it would help at all I could run 3/4" lines to the new shower or even redo all the bathroom lines to 3/4". Problem is I could only change the lines in the bathroom and not all the way to the heater.

Thanks for the help!