I'm looking at the double backwash because I've read a lot of the studies that dittto referred to. I might want to experiment with low salt doses and see what happens. Or, the well might develop some iron problems in the future and I'll be all set for it.

I talked to one online seller today and from what he said, his 5600SXT's are already set up for double backwash. I'll have to check out the manual to see what color the double backwash cam is.

I'm going to spring for the $40 upgrade to ResinTech CG8-BL premium resin, as somebody don't want no #### Chinese crap in there.......lol CG8-BL is made in the USA right? I found it interesting that some online sites are referring to ResinTech CGS-BL as premium resin, when it's not. I even found a CGS-BL spec sheet on one web site where they had removed "Virtually the same operating capacity as premium grade ResinTech CG8-BL" text from the spec sheet they posted on their site.

I might be running into a problem with getting the Fleck 40922 High Flow Distributor from an online seller. Alot of them tell me that they use Fleck or Clack, whatever they have on hand. Is it cheap enough that I could pick one up at a local dealer and glue it on myself? I probably only live 20 miles from the Fleck factory, do they have will call order pickup?