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Thread: Costco 1.6 toilet. Anyone see this one?

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    Default Costco 1.6 toilet. Anyone see this one?

    I wishi I had the manufacturer name and information. I was in Coscto yesterday and they had toilets! Only one model and it was a 1.6 one that came with a toilet seat for $89. I was wondering if anyone else saw this. You usually get what you pay for, but Coscto normally carries the good stuff and has a liberal return policy. I will go back in the next couple of days and get the manufacturer's name.

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    You are correct, you get what you pay for.

    That is most likly the fameous toilet in a box known affectionately as a "landlord special", everything in one box , seat, toilet, wax, ring bolts.

    If you like playing "craps" roll the dice. Getting a good one that works is harder than rolling back to back 7s.


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