Can someone please help me understand my water test results and recommend a treatment for high iron/manganese?
Here are the results I got:

Total Coliform ABSENT
E. coli ABSENT
Nitrate Nitrogen <1.0
Nitrite Nitrogen <0.01
Arsenic 0.002
Manganese *0.181*UNACCEPTABLE
Hardness (CaCO3) 68
Sodium 6.2
Chloride <6
pH 7.22
Fluoride <0.20
Conductivity 180
Alkalinity 62
Lead <0.002
Copper <0.010
Radon 250

I just had my well deepened from 300' to 560' and these are the results I got. I tested the well 2 years ago and had high radon levels (13,000). This time it came back low. Does that seem reasonable?
Thanks for your advice!