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Thread: Submersible Pump Recommendation

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    Valveman the motors sold by the Big Box Stores are a lesser quality Franklin. Also I was told by the Franklin rep last week that the motors sold in those stores will no longer be the Franklin brand. I suspect they are going to come out with a new brand just for the Big Boxes.

    I don't have much of a problem with plastic head pumps either, but usually the cost between them isn't enough to worry about.

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    I see even the box stores have Franklin motors. I have put in thousands of pumps with plastic heads, and never had any problems. Just don't use any pipe dope or teflon tape when attaching plastic pipe to a plastic head pump.

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    Yeah I have seen one. They have plastic end bells but still look ok. No doubt the plastic end bells are better than the aluminum ones which we had to warranty thousands of about 20 years ago. So now Franklin will just sell them under a different name the same way Pentair sells the same pump under a dozen names.

    I think it is funny they will admit to putting less quality in the pump/motors they sell at the box stores, but they won’t admit they have been doing the same to the contractor versions for years. So much for all those people who think a big corporation wouldn’t purposely lower the quality of their pumps to promote planned obsolescence and enhance cash flow.

    Just a few years ago installers would have quit a brand for the manufacturer selling direct to the public. Now they all do it. It maybe under a different name, but they are still selling direct to the public.

    “Recycled rubber in off brand Amtrol bladder tanks, plastic end bells on Franklin motors.” All to protect the contractor. Yeah right, I have some beachfront property in Arizona for cheap if you believe that.

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    My supplier of 30 years sold me a special mechanism that I have bought from them for years. The price was $319 + tax, and shipping. Just for fun, went online to the mfg. website. There I can get it delivered without tax for $289. Was not available direct in the past. I did a little deducting in my check.

    They can't be paying more than 200 bucks for the item, you would think they can at least meet the mass market price as a "wholesaler".

    Actually right now you could get lake or river front land in Arizona for about 1/3 the 2006 cost.

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