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Thread: Sheffield Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows

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    Default Sheffield Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows

    The superior performance of Sheffield windows starts with innovation. Every precision-engineered component contributes to superior energy savings.

    The multi-chamber design helps trap dead air to produce an effective insulating barrier, while extra-thick, fusion-welded frames and sashes provide superior structural strength and create a permanent barrier against air and moisture infiltration, adding up to greater energy savings – and lower utility bills.

    Sheffield windows feature a sloped sill helping to prevent air and water infiltration while maintaining a timeless, detailed appearance. Beveled mainframes on double-hung and sliding windows complement any home style.

    Best yet, Sheffield windows are covered by Alside’s impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty* for complete peace-of-mind.

    Sheffield Features

    -Exclusive triple lift rails make operation easy
    -Full-capture sill protects from air and water infiltration
    -Quad 4 weatherstripping at the header and sill
    -Triple barrier weatherstripping at all sash points
    -Hidden screen track produces clean lines
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