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Thread: Check valves what ones work the best?

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    Default Check valves what ones work the best?

    I'm going to install a shallow well jet pump and looking for a check valve the spring presser on most are very light maybe 1 pound. The plumbing store sells a 5lb check valve that is PVC instead of brass for much higher cost are these the way to go?

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    I like my footvalves/check valves to be brass. I have never had much luck with platic valves.

    I think the Flowmatic brand is #1 with Simmons #2. Both are made in the USA to my knowledge. Also you can get them in stainless now for some applications.

    You don't need a high spring pressure, the PSI of the water is all the pressure you need.

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    Pressure closes the check valve. The spring has little to do with making a good check valve. You certainly don’t want a check with a heavy spring on the suction side of the pump (too much restriction). You could get away with it in the discharge side, but it is not needed.

    Repeatedly slamming a check valve closed, caused by cycling the pump on and off, can destroy even the best check valve. Reducing or eliminating pump cycling can even make a cheap check valve last a long time.

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    Even a kid can look inside a typical spring loaded check valve and see a flat - usually plastic disc, with a spring behind it, and wonder, gee, how does water churn its way around that blockage. A ball cone check valve is like an airplane wing, and is a solid ball cone that takes a big beating without fail.

    A good rule is step up one size also for your check valve. http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/APO...KT9?Pid=search You can find these for less, surplus center has SS ones that I bought tons of, and have never had a failure in 20 years of installations.

    And another- http://www.lakecountypipe.com/34-Apo...-6110401-.aspx
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