Hello again!

Trying to plan ahead for our bathroom remodel. The plan is to have a double vanity but our bathroom was originally plumbed for one. The problem is that the sink drain pipe is a couple inches from a stud.

I see a couple options but wanted to run it by you guys first.

1. Cut the pipe near the bottom (above the sole plate) and put a couple 45's in to bring it out from the stud. This would give me some clearance to install the double fixture fitting.

2. Cut a section of the pipe out. Go ahead and drill a hole in the stud (at the appropriate height) and place one side of the double fixture into the stud hole. Then install a coupling at the cut bottom drain and run a piece of pipe up into the double fixture fitting making sure the end is still inside the stud hole.

3. Due to the design of our vanity...I'd prefer to do this plumbing inside the wall and not in our cabinet.


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