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Thread: grean board and pink board

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    Default grean board and pink board

    Lowes has a different XPS board: http://greenguard.pactiv.com/residen...sulation-board

    It is a little cheaper than pink board.

    Is it a good alternative to pink board? or I should stick with pink board?

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    What's the R/inch? What's the price difference? What did they use to blow or create the bubbles? Is it an ozone reducing chemical? One brand may be just trying to make inroads verses the other if all of those things are equal. Could be as simple as how far away is the factory, or newer production techniques. Basically, I don't know, but a little research into the spec sheets should tell you. If space is critical, the greater R/inch may be worth the difference. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter...it's not like you're going to be looking at it...it must be covered up with a fire rated covering anyways.
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    1.5lb XPS is pretty much the same, whether pink, green, blue or gray. SFAIK they all still use HFC143 or similar as the blowing agent. (not nearly as nasty as the standard blowing agents of 30 years ago, but non nearly as benign as the pentane used for blowing EPS.)

    Pactiv is one of the 3 largest manufacturers of XPS in north America, but more prone to OEMing it to house-brand names than big-blue/big-pink. I have no more issues with them as a manufacturer of XPS than anybody else. (They have a nice range of siding-underlayment products too.)

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