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Thread: Toilevator + ADA Toilet?

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    Default Toilevator + ADA Toilet?

    I am currently in the process of renovating my mother's bathroom. She has very bad arthritis in her knees and has a very difficult time getting up from any chair. For years she has been using the over toilet commode raised pretty much to its maximum height, but those are quite unsanitary IMO, plus not very sturdy. Would much rather she had a solid toilet with grab bars on the walls.

    We have an ADA toilet that will be going in once the tile is done, but at 16.5" it is still not high enough. She keeps the commode pretty much at the max height which I think is 20"+. I was thinking of adding a toilevator under it. Overall that is going to end up being around 22" with seat. Will the toilevator handle this without a problem?

    The plumbing is a cast iron flange which looks to be in good shape. Floor is 3/4 ply + 1/4 hardibacker + full body porcelain tile if that matters.

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