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Thank you for your sympathies. It is frustrating but such is life. I am thinking about going out and getting myself a water softener on my own, can anyone here recommend a good website which details how to size one and which brands are satisfactory? I figure that I will need a softener in the chain at some point so may as well start there.
thanks a lot and have a great day.
I could recommend a pile of web sites but honestly, I have no idea if their service is any good. Internet dealers have taken a hit lately from the two companies who's equipment you probably would like (Clack and Fleck) although I believe you can still get Fleck online though be careful it's not Chinese knock off junk. You might do better to find a local source that will sell you the equipment especially when it comes to needing parts down the road. If you just google water softener you will find a bunch of sites will interactive sizing programs and most will have charts that base size on water condition and water use and delivery.