I recently had our water retested because of a problem with our current Master NS-10T acid neutralizer / softener combination unit. The main problem with our well is an acidic pH, which has resulted in pin holes in our copper pipes that precede the softener. The NS-10 originally had calcite and it only got the pH up to 6.8, so I unscientifically added calcite / corrosex mix (I didn't spot the ratio on the bucket) and some remaining calcite from the original cube of mineral each time I filled the neutralizer. No blue stains in the sinks, but I haven't measured the pH after the treatment unit for years. Here are the test results.

pH 5.5
Hardness 3 Grains / Gal
Iron - Slight 0.2
Solids 72
Flow rate from well - 8.4 Gal / min
Nobody tests for Magnesium around here.

What components would you guys recommend?