Good morning everyone....

I have a situation with a Greenway(Sanitizer) water softener that contains CR100 and KDF-85.
I installed the unit last May(10 months ago) and ran Ok for 2 months after which a
rotten/sulfur smell showed-up for which I was prescribed to add some KDF-85.

It ran ok till this morning(8 months) when the smell is coming back.......

I have a CSV installed with a small pressure tank, the setting (30 grains) on softener shows that I should
go for 733 Gals before regeneration but I run it once a week when I have used approximately 400 Gals.

Here's the situation...I open a tap and no smell, after a minute or two the smell shows-up and if I let it
run for another 2 minutes the smell goes away again.
I have ran that scenario a few time and same result????

I'm trying to foresee a possible problem before it gets worst...Thx