1. The following sittuation is for 2 WK,so pls' HELP,before I'm thrown out with the Water Heater.

2. Tech. details :
- TYPE: WT14, by JUNKERS ,Model-2005(Wasn't used all the time=>looks new!!!)).
- It works on Butane Gas (E31 Sub-model.
- Its full automatic.
-The problem: After a couple of min. of work, It shuts-down automatclly.No hot water.RED bulb lightens.
-Suspichious: Becouse,while working,the temp. increases without limit, possiibly: The security cut-off circuit is provoked ,becouse of excesive temp.
-Diagnostics done: a) Checking the resistance of the Temp variring Potentiometer (in front of the Heater panel), couses NO RESISTANCE CHANGE(constant 16Koham)!!???Since I dont't have the schem. I can't conclude if its a bug!.
b) Chek of HOT WATER NTC RESIS.: I'm confident its O.K.
c)Check Voltage of Temperature Limiter /Temp. control (Both names appear in the Appliance Spec.),showes :4mv while the Heater works,dropping to 0v(absolute zero),when jumping into cut-off.
d)Check of Presostat: O.K.
e)Visual and Sut-down tests: O.K.
f)Gas pressure:O.K (gange of old central gas flow cont,from 7liter/Hr to 10 liter/Hr)

My conclutions:1.The heater jumps into cut-off,bec. the hot water regulation circuit mailfunctions.
The most suspicious circ. is the "Temp. control/limiter (i.e:4mv doesn'tlook to be normal,for correcr operation!???)
2.The heat varing pot.malefunction: EVENTHOUGH THE bar shaft turens freely,mybe (but with 1% choice)its mechanicaly dissconnected gr. the pot. inner shaft=> doesn't affect it??.

3.Any type of support(i.e.: Any schematics/Manual will be sized up.
4. Any type of self experiance(even from other Gas Water heaters) will be sized up.
5.Regarding the Manufecturer: So far I find-out the foll. link to Turkich dealer,but,he didn't reply to my mail!!