Hello all, I have just moved in to an old farmhouse that has a well ( I believe a shallow one), and the jet pump is a Goulds J5S. I was in the house a couple of months ago and the water had a bad sulfur smell but there was water. Sulfur issue is to be handled at a later date. So last week I plugged in the pump and nothing happening. Upon further inspection the last tenant didn't drain the pump and it cracked the motor adaptor. Ordered a new one which arrived today, reassembled everything and plugged it in. Sounded great for 20 seconds, then bad noise for 3 seconds followed by burnt smell and then sounded normal. Took it apart again and the impeller and the plastic casing around it had created friction between themselves and created some plastic looking residue? All seals look fine so I can only assume there was some foreign object in there when i put it back together???? Soooooo, I sanded the impeller and the run on the impeller casing and tried it again. It will build pressure and pump air through the system, but will not prime the well and deliver water. When I prime the pump manually it spits a little of the primer water through the system, but no real water. So, did I screw up the impeller too bad and its not creating enough of a vacuum to draw from the well? Or is it possible the unused well has dried up? The previous tenant said there was never a lot of water. Or am I missing something? Any ideas would be more than welcome. THANK YOU in advance for any help you can give, G