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Thread: Boiler help needed

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    Default Boiler help needed

    I just bought a new house. It has an old burnham natural gas boiler. was told it was aprox 30 yrs old. system was running and was shut down and winterized supposedly about 10mths ago but today i cracked open the valve on ceiling mounted air tank and there was water still in there but has been mild this yr so maybe no damage. What I want to know is if possible to get this system up and running my self instead of paying someone to try then say it's bad etc (wants $500 to dewinterize). The tag on this monster is missing a lot of numbers so was wondering if someone is familiar with it and what it would be a replacement for this model. The tag is as follows from top down of what i could make out......

    _ _ _ estas (missing some letters here)

    p-60-w (model number maybe)

    108000 (btu input ?)

    635 (no idea could be a point in there somewhere)

    720 (no idea could be a point in there somewhere)

    144 (no idea could be a point in there somewhere)

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I only want to get this up and running for roughly 2 mths until it gets warmer then get new system in fall put in.
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