Just got the dreaded rough mechanical sign off on a small house-rental I am building.

After weeks of work on the plumbing and sprinkler pressure tests, miles of wire and a sub panel, the head of the building dept shows up because his underling is sick that day. Spent an hour discussing new codes and sprinkler system craziness, and he strolled about the house for 2 minutes, ASKED me if my pipes held water, and that was it. There was one weird vent situation I was sure he would ding me on, but never even had a look.

Not the slightest interest in the sub panel, where it was fed from, and what the wires coming in were.

I'm not sure if I should celebrate, or be very worried about the other jobs he inspects where a bunch of knuckle scraping dopes did the fastest and worst of work.

What sort of scrutiny do you guys get from inspectors lately?

Around here, with [4] yes, four new houses built in a county the size of new jersey last year, perhaps the guy fears for his job. This year is a banner year, as [6] new permits have pulled so far!