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Thread: My Beauty Secrets and Stayin Young Looking

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    Default My Beauty Secrets and Stayin Young Looking

    Okay, my best girlfriend is almost 17 years younger than me, and today while stopping over commented on various things. One, my home office. She couldn't believe the mess, but, like I told her, I knew where everything is at, was at, should be at, including the popcorn on the floor. She was amazed the paper trail led into the huge livingroom, and took over the big square coffee table. Like I told her, Chris, that, from all that paperwork you would think, I knew what I was doing right? Well, I DON'T, lol. Okay, okay, so, maybe sometimes, I do. Enough to earn some money. Now, after rummaging her way through the mounds of paperwork, the notebooks, the books, she found the laptop, which isn't even mine, it is a loaner. She was sitting there staring at me, and then, said, " you know, R, ( that is my nickname) you are old enough to be my mother." Like I told her, " if I gave birth when I was a mare 17!, or 16" Then, came out, well, I don't get it, why is it we are peers? Why is it, you don't look older than me, you don't act older than me, I don't get it..." she wanted to know my beauty secrets. LOL

    I told her.

    CHEMO. LOTS OF LOTS OF CHEMO! and, don't underestimate insanity, IT WORKS

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    Okay, I will be serious. ( got a couple emails from girlfriends requesting this)... 1. Icecream. Eat lots of icecream. ( Now did u really think, I was going to be serious?) 2. Don't be serious. Laugh at least once an hour at something. Even if you have to laugh at yourself. Laughter feels good. 3. Feel good. Feel good about something at least 3 to 5 times a day. It can be from anything, I like to look out a telescope or read a good book. 4. Dive into an interest! Mine is home inspecting. I LOVE it. 5. NEVER quit learning! Learn something new at least once a day. Read the Yahoo comments

    Now, oh girlfriends of mine, get to work!

    I will accept 6, 7, and 8... from other readers. Even maybe, a 9 and a 10.

    I know you are showing this to my littlest of buddies on the pediatric floor, so, a BIG HEY! TO my best little buddies! I love you guys... ( and gals)... Cookie like the Cookie Monster
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    A BIG big CONGRATS to Sandy for being such a big big girl! I am proud of you. See you with a surprise, the day after tomorrow. Get some sleep now Sandy mandy, xoxoxoxoxox This is for you baby girl....

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    You guys are beggin for it! lol. Now, if I say "hey" to you all, will you listen to Cookie, and get some sleep, pleaseeeeeee...

    A big HEY to my buddies,

    Jason, the man...
    Donny, the coolest kid on the block,
    Pammy my wammy,
    and, Sandy my mandy!

    I can't draw pictures here, lol. If I could I would, but, I do a great smiley face! And, this one is for all of you children that I love, that I adore, and who is driving me crazy! xoxoxoxoxo....

    Nite T Nite guys and gals... imagine this being a great heart.... right... here... ( ) See you the day after tomorrow, love you veryvery much.

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    Good morning Sandy-my mandy! I got the email, and the text, LOL, so, yes, I will post a Good morning to you! Good morning Sweetheart! I will see you tomorrow, and I did some pictures for you, and I got a really neat surprise for you, and your buddies... (*)

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    What is Thomas doing? Oh, my... what "isn't" Thomas doing! Donny, he is zipping Bob around like he is on a racetrack. 500 mph at top speed! Poor Bob. And, Thomas loves it. This morning, Thomas wanted to play tag. He came up and jumped up, and "tagged" me. So, I tagged him right back, and then, he tagged me again, and I tagged him again. This went on and on and on until, he finally said, " okay, something new now please..." Thomas is a fast runner, a high jumper, he smells good, looks good, and is very snuggly. Donny, I will bring Thomas in when Dr. Bb, says, it is okay for your guys! We'll see, okay? Until, then, you can chase Jason around there.

    Now, you draw me something really nice to hang on my wall here okay? And, yes, tell, the others, I really do have popcorn on the floor, lol. I am waiting on Thomas to eat it, Don't tell, Dr. Bb. it is our secret. Now, Cookie has some work to do here, I miss you guys. See you tomorrow. My love. xoxoxo

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