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And when have you practiced your trade in MA? Have a license there? Know how they work? Without knowing what the test was for, what conditions it was used for, you're blowing smoke. MA is a different world...they do things their own way. The only way to know for sure is to ask the inspector in the locality.
I never told the guy to break any laws....now did I? Sure everyone agrees to get it approved by the local inspector. I stated that 20 posts ago.. Go back and find it,take the time to read what your complaining about at least.

The approval sticker is good enough for me until a local inspector says I cant use it and then if I felt like it I may take it to court and make a big deal out of it. I usually get my way if I'm willing to pay enough money. Grown men get what they want,I know I do.

Now to answer your sacastic questions for you.

No I have never been to Maine and I have no plans to ever go. I like it warm to hot weather.

No I do not have a license in Maine,and never will.

I hope they work just like everyone else. Everyone needs a job at some point in their life,if not for the money then for the experience.

No ones blowing smoke. I'm going to buy a Hilkoil and a stove and butcher it in my garage and use it to heat my house and my water in the winter.......when I want to. Whats a $1,000.00 for a fun project like that? Thats cheap fun.

Whats the problem?