Hi Guys, Gals,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this...(Frickin newbie)-I am a carpenter/construction super that has worked just enough with HVAC pro's to be dangerous, I am looking for some feedback about my latest idea, that is I have just finished installing all of the pex in my basement slab, 36X48, now I am starting to think about the zoning of my first floor and how I am going to run my circuits and I start looking at my hearth where my wood stove is going and I thought....instead of running around the hearth maybe I could run some 3/4" copper tubing through the mud slab of the hearth and help the boiler with the heat load, that being said I do understand that the floor temps that are needed are about 90 degree's for the basement slab and 120 degree's )for the first floor(pex in Extruded plates attached to sub floor with 3/4" hardwood on top), I am not sure of the water temps that I could get back through this "copper loop of radiant" if I assembled it, that being said I also understand that after about 200 degree's things get downright dangerous,=steam Pressure) so obviously safety measures have to be used, but I thought I might ask for thoughts on this project.....anyone......anyone....Bueller.

Lastly I am working with a Licensed tech for my boiler install, I just hoped to have a better handle on my scope before getting him to price this out. I don't like wasting his time so I can figure things out.

Thanks Chris