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Thread: How do I remove an old acrylic neo-angle shower (3 piece)?

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    Question How do I remove an old acrylic neo-angle shower (3 piece)?

    I have taken the top bracket off, which allowed for the door removal. I have removed 2 small screws on each of the 2 panels that mate up to the bracket that is screwed to the wall...I took pictures from the top so I could see the channels and what I had to do to release the panels from the wall. I can not tell what I need to do from the top. I am unable to free the panels from the walls even though I have run a putty knife between the panels and the wall after I removed all the caulk. I also did the same to the top of the base unit and the bottom of the walls and the walls will move rather easily if I lean against them.

    The problem: I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the panels to come off the brackets that are screwed into the wall.

    pics attached below

    FYI I would just break them (would give me great pleasure) but not sure if the husband wants to keep them for anything. I can't ask him because this is a surprise for him!

    Thank you for allowing me to post and hoping someone can help me!

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    The panels are either riveted or screwed to the wall channels. Remove them and there will be three screws through the channels into the wall.
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