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Thread: Preventing stains above the water line

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    Red face Preventing stains above the water line

    I know we've had some threads on the subject including ideas such as using wax or RainX to prevent fecal mat'l from sticking to the bowl above the water line--which then requires a brushing to remove. However, it occurs to me that there is a simpler way to prevent some of these stains: flush before you go. (This has probably been proposed before.)

    Defining what is not the problem. The issue doesn't seem to arise below the water line (at least with Sanagloss) as any skid marks lift off within a few minutes and are gone by the next flush. Normal stools typically don't end up with any spatter or material on the bowl above the water line.

    What is the problem? The issue of unsightly mat'l failing to rinse off the bowl seems to require a few conditions: non-immersed/non-wet surface, and a loose stool due to diet/diarrhea/etc. There are some foods/beverages we really like that have...consequences. So that leaves two other aspects, immersion, or wetting the surface before the rinse. Obviously filling the bowl with water is a non-starter. But it seems reasonable to rinse/pre-wet the inner surface of the bowl as a preventative measure. Sticky pasty matter tends to adhere to dry surfaces and require a scrub to remove. But if there is a surface film of water some will not stick, and can be removed by the bowl rinse.

    I'm not suggesting pre-flushing everytime for the deuce, but instead whenever one anticipates a considerably-less-than-contiguous deposit will be made. This isn't practical for guests or young children, but could make the master bath toilet more tidy.

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    If this works you could also get a spray bottle and mist the area first rather than waste an entire flush.

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