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Thread: 3/4" ball valve

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    Default 3/4" ball valve

    I just replaced my watts pressure regulator and while the water to the house was turned off, I took out the old leaking 3/4" inlet gate valve and installed a new 3/4" ball valve. The only problem is that the only valve that I could get at the time was not a full port valve. I have a 3/4" delivery pipe coming in from the water main to this 3/4" ball valve that has a 1/2" opening. Will this be a problem with water pressure or volume? I do not see any difference in any faucet but the shower seems to have a little less pressure. Thank you

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    If the pressure was high enough to really need a regulator, and if your inlet valve is on the inlet side of the regulator, then you may not notice the difference with a shower.

    If the restrictive valve is on the outlet side of the regulator you will probably notice the difference.

    The greatest difference in either case will be if you are using the water supply for a lawn sprinkler or garden hose, or if you have multiple showers. You will also get more reduction in flow when a toilet is flushed.

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    Default 3/4 ball valve

    Bob, thank you so much for the quick replay. I did install the valve on the inlet side of the regulator. The pressure coming in to my house is 80psi thus the need to replace my pressure regulator which was not holding pressure.

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    Since your pressure wasn't real high (100+ PSI) you may notice a difference when running 2 fixtures. You can always change the valve,again , now that you know how.
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