Hello all, just bought a 1920's colonial. I have now just insulated the entire house with Applegate Cellulose.

The Attic has 2 vents. One towards to front and one towards the back of the house. The entire attic floor is insulated with Cellulose.

The rafters are 2x4 with no insulation.

The contracter told me basically this was not a good idea to use as a "liveable space". Even if it were a closet the roof needs to breath so putting spray foam (what I wanted to do initially) will kill the roof.

I want to know if there is anything I can do. Can I just use fiberglass and then drywall the rafters? I have no ridge vent, no soffets, gable, etc. Just the two vents at the top of the rafters.

I looked through the site but it seems everyone has some other way of venting the space. Thanks and I appreciate all the help.