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Thread: The Toto Drake - Makes a lasting impression!

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    Smile The Toto Drake - Makes a lasting impression!


    4 years ago, I installed a Toto Drake, replacing a crappy (heh) Briggs toilet. That thread is here: http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...l=1#post115443

    Since then, my family and I have moved. I teased my wife that I was taking my Toto with us, but she was mean and wouldn't let me My new throne room came with some Eljer that gets plugged often, and I've just dealt with it.

    Until today.

    My new Toto Drake arrived, and after dinner I spent a couple hours getting the old Eljer to the curb (since tomorrow is trash day). New Drake in place, install went as smooth as ever, and now I just need to test it out.

    Life is way to short to deal with a bad toilet.

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    Good for you. There's nothing like some quality time on a quality throne with some good reading material.

    When I need a precise measurement of something I often use the highly technical method of eyeballing it.

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