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Thread: Quesnel Lake on Easter Weekend

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    Default Quesnel Lake on Easter Weekend

    Quesnel Lake on Easter Weekend, breaking through the ice to stay for a week. We took two boats over, one with logs positioned around it to break the ice, and we kids followed in the second boat. My mother was standing on the logs outside the boat, adding weight and jumping to make the ice break. She almost fell in. Which would have been bad, but the funny part was when we came back a week later and we couldn't make headway off from shore. She pulled her pants off and jumped into the water up to her waist and shoved the boats out. It was an hour across the frozen lake to the cold car waiting at the boat ramp. At the tail end of the week, just in time for Easter Sunday, we had ten inches of snow.

    I'm at the top right.
    Shannon and Randy in the front, and my brother Jamie and I standing up.

    The boat left overnight got a little iced over. This is the boat we're going home on next week.

    It was pretty cold that week.
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