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Thread: Basement tub drain removal/change to ABS

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    Default Basement tub drain removal/change to ABS

    I am presently renovating the laundry room area of my basement in a house that was built in the 1940's. Previously this area was completely unfinished and the washing machine drained into an old laundry tub which in turn drained into a 1.5" copper pipe that came vertically out of the slab. Since the current copper drain comes out of the slab in the middle of the room (took out a wall that it used to be next to), I would like to remove this 1.5" drain pipe and replace it with at least 2" ABS so I can drain the washing machine separately from the laundry sink.

    Here is a picture of the current pipe location and where I ultimately want it to be in the wall. The PVC pipe in the picture is an old drain that once drained the gutters on the outside of the house, but was capped when I bought the house several years back. I am going to cut it out of the way and cap it.

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    I have traced the connection of the current copper drain pipe back to where it connects into a larger cast iron fitting and it looks like it uses a 3" to 1.5" coupling.

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    Here is a picture of the whole run to put it in perspective:

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    1. Any suggestions on what the best way to get the copper to cast iron coupling apart? I was told to just cut the copper pipe close, and then heat the joint to try to melt the lead holding it together, to just cut it off flush and drill out the copper/lead. Since I want to get rid of the 1.5" pipe entirely I really need to get it apart.

    2. Assuming I can get the cast iron fitting cleaned up, should I then run 3" ABS under the slab and downsize to 2" when I bring it up into the framed wall?

    3. Currently there isn't any vent on the laundry tub as you can see its just the copper pipe that immediately drops below the slab. When I plumb the in-wall portion for the washing machine and laundry tub, would a setup like this work? The other problem I have is that this wall is about 50' on the opposite side of the house from the main stack and vent that goes up 2 floors out of the roof. I don't know if it is acceptable to vent using an AAV, or if I can put a hole through the side of the house there to vent just above ground level since running it up to the roof isn't an option in this part of the basement.

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    I know thats a lot of questions for one post and I appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!


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    The horizontal run in the floor must be at least 2", but cannot be larger that the pipe which it is connecting to. You can clean out the hub in the existing CI, or you can snap it off and use a fernco coupler to make the connection.

    The washer standpipe and sink drain in the picture will meet code pretty much anywhere.

    You do not have to go up with the vent right there at the laundry. The vent can run horizontally (above the flood rim and with pitch) to a location that will make it easier to go up through the roof.

    Venting out the side wall is not allowed anywhere that I have been. Fumes from the sewer main will be coming out the vent, thus the reason it should be up through the roof.

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