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Thread: Toto Dartmouth Alternatives and GMax vs. PG

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    Default Toto Dartmouth Alternatives and GMax vs. PG

    I soon will be replacing a main floor toilet. ADA was my first discriminator and quickly I further narrowed possibilities to:


    For reasons first of flushing performance (wanted GMax, thanks to the excellent advice here and elsewhere-thanks!) and second of design I settled on the Toto Dartmouth. However, the tape measure tells me I have a tight horizontal squeeze with my sink and the toilet lid. (about 1 1/2 inch clearance, leaving the side flush lever under this narrow space) This presents some simple questions and for any advice I would be very grateful:

    1. If I select the similarly designed one piece (and shorter) Plymouth, how much practically noticable performance do I lose with Power Gravity vs. GMax?

    2. Do the MaP results for above models represent significant differences, or more like excellent perfomance within statistical differences. (Plymouth "scored" 675, the highly recommended Ultramax at 700 and Drake at 900. I assume based on recent assessments the Dartmouth would have scored similarly to the Drake) Should GMax mean more to me than the research results?

    3. How much horizontal leeway is there when replacing a toilet (I have space on the other side): substantial construction required or minor (inexpensive) tweaking?

    Thank you for this wonderful site. From Seattle, so will be calling soon for my purchase!

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    I've found that the G-Max and PowerGravity toilets from Toto have been doing well.

    I had the Toto Ultimate installed for over an year, and it worked nicely.

    The Dartmouth does have a wider tank, than say the ADA Ultramax, MS854114SL.

    Codes like to see 15" from the center of the toilet to the next fixture or wall, for a total of 30".

    Since you've had a toilet there before, you will know how it feels to sit there that close, and whether your shoulders fit.

    The Plymouth tank is shorter than the Dartmouth, so yes, it does give you more room.

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    Thanks for the information, Terry. Perhaps GMax isn't the be-all end-all? I must admit just reading about Totos I haven't really been able to figure out the difference vs. power gravity and it sounds like other design differences in the exit path are important as well.

    I think I will have the same shoulder room I have now, which is ample. It's just the flush lever that will be almost "hidden" under the small space between sink (round pedestal, same height as Dartmouth) and tank. I have some room on the other side to no avail I suppose, and thus the quandry.

    I like the reports on the Ultramax and may install it in my upstairs bath at some point, but down I need to sit stuff on the toilet downstairs and was attracted to the Dartmouth lid and presumably Drake-emulating performance.

    Again, thanks for the direction.

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    Default Right-hand Flush Lever

    Not sure about the Dartmouth, but I know that the Ultramax, and I'm pretty sure the Drake, can be ordered with the flush lever mounted on the right.


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