well, my problem started about 2 month ago. one night i went to the kitchen to find water all over the floor coming from under the kitchen sink. the water was really really steadily pouring out from both the p-trap area and the other sink with the disposal in it. i shut the water valve off and cleaned up the water and went to bed. the next day i turned the water back on to see if i could find the leak but nothing was leaking. so all was well until about a month later when the same thing happened. this time i turned the water back on right after i cleaned up all the water and it had stopped leaking.... then tonight it did it again so i did the same thing and again, no leaking. this happens all of a sudden, it's been hours since any water has been run in those sinks. it just seems to start for no reason but stops when i turn the water valve off under the sink and back on again... what is happening???