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Jim mentioned I really dont have 120 coming into the house but if I measure the voltage at an outlet thats what I get. How is that possible if I do not have 120 coming into the house?
because when you measure the voltage at that outlet, you are measuring from the Neutral to the hot leg at that outlet.
If that 2 pole breaker had a 1000 watt load on each pole of the breaker, the 2 loads would wind up being in series with each other fed by 240 volts, and the neutral would be handling little, if any current.
If one breaker had 1000 watt load on it, and the other pole of that breaker had a 250 watt load on it, then the neutral would be carrying the current for 750 watts at 120 volts 6.25 amps. If the 250 watt load was disconnected, then the Neutral would be carrying the full 1000 watt current at 120 volts 8.33 amps