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Thread: Replace boiler or new direction?

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    Default Replace boiler or new direction?

    Just bought a 1200 sf ranch fixer upper, built in 1964. Burnham oil boiler w/ baseboard radiators. Used 100 gal fuel to keep at minimal warmth in warm January. Looking to replace w/ propane unit, probably, and have three questions. First, local installers seem to be unwilling to do what's required to size correctly - have pretty much looked at numbers on old boiler and sized similarly. Doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence in the end product. Any ideas on finding somebody likely to approach this in a more analytical way? (Central Ohio).

    Also curious about whether galvanized piping likely to need work after 48 years?

    Finally, am I letting my appreciation for radiant heat blind me to a better solution, like a heat pump w/ backup oil or propane forced air furnace (no central air currently, so there you go)? Last oil fill $3.35/gal. Electric $.07/kwh. Propane $2.20/gal. Plenty or room in basement for ductwork. Whaddaya think?
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