Bear with me as I try to take you through my scenario. I am currently on my third tanked water heater in 44 months!! Come to find out, the water softener I have seems to eat up the anode rod really fast and this was confirmed by independent studies that were sent to me by A.O. Smith.

My family definitely likes the soft water but we can't afford to keep paying $300 in labor to have a new heater installed, plus the $300 for the new heater when the warranty runs out!!

It seems to be that a tankless system would be the way to go whenver this heater, we just had put in, bites the dust.

I've done some research and see that there are 2 options, gas or electric. Of course, there are pros and cons with both systems. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the gas systems are more expensive to buy and to install, but save you more in efficiency than the electric systems.

My question is, which option would benefit me over the long haul, assuming I am in a house that I plan to be in for at least 10-12 more years?

Thanks for your expertise, time, and patience.