My house was built in 79. I am removing my 30 year old stove/double oven combo.
The wire that is being fed from the 50amp breaker is about 80 feet long.
The markings say Stabiloy Type SE XHHW 300volts to ground 3CDRS 6 AL
My new situation will be an Induction Cooktop on one breaker and seperate double oven.
The cook top takes a 50amp breaker and the double oven takes a 40amp breaker (per the spec sheets)
I am pulling another feed which will be 6/2

Which wire should I put on my 40amp breaker?
My 30 some year old AL wire has been on the 50amp circuit without issue.
If the 6/2 could handle the load on the Induction cook top better, then I would swap them