I am in the middle of a major Kitchen/lighting remodel. I tore out some sofits and AC ducting and ran new ducting over the joist. During this job, I of course found many of my Romex wirings not over the joist and in my sofits. So, I am almost completed rerouting all of these wires so I can move on the dry wall. Before I do close it up, I need to run a 8/2 for my soon to be bought Double oven.
I am also planning on running 2 new 14/2 15 amp breaker feeds to separate my kitchen\garage\living room lighting. I am also planning on running a 12/2 feed over across the entire length of my house that will power my out door Barbi\ Bar\ Patio ect.
I just had my panel installed a few months ago\ so feeding these new wires up through the back of the panel and up through a brick wall cavity is not going to happen. I plan on running some conduit maybe 1inch, from a Knock out hole on the side of the panel up until it just gets into my attic. The length of this conduit would be about 3-4 feet.
What size conduit would fit one 8/2; two 14/2 and one 12/2. Do I have to use EMT or could I use Scd 40 PVC. I think I need a 90 out of the panel and a 90 to get me into my attic. I am not sure about the code on fill capacity when using 3 different sized wires.
The other question I had was about indoor 12/2. The indoor 12/2 is much cheaper so I planned on running it across my attic to a box. Then when I do the job out side, I would run the outdoor type cable from the box to the backyard items.

Thanks for any thougths