Hello, newbie here. I am considering upgrading my NG water heater natural draft flue with a sealed-combustion power vent unit. I have a small ranch house with a full basement in Central New York, and recently had the NG furnace upgraded to a high-efficiency one. The only item now vented through the chimney is the water heater. I like the idea of not using indoor air for combustion.

I am concerned about the location of the vent. The location of the water heater is in the basement, and the easiest place for the vent would be out the back of the house. However, it would be below a bedroom window and not too far away from a main-level deck. The furnace is vented out the front of the house, but obviously there aren't any windows open when it's on.

What kind of exhaust smell can I expect from a PV water heater? I can vent out the side of the house, but that will require a much more involved install.

Second question is are there noise concerns from any particular brand? Anything else I should know regarding PV water heaters?

I am trying to educate myself a bit before I call the plumber.