Where is the best place to get a tet kit that will show me exactly what my water hardness is?

Are the strips test kits more/less accurate than the drops? I took my water to Sears to try and find out exactly what the hardness is and he used the drops method. The results were "moderately hard" they match the color to a scale with a range of numbers, not giving me the actual gpg.

I want a test kit that I can use at home to check my water anytime I want that will show me exactly what the gpg is so I can always know that my softener is working as efficient as possible and there is NO hardness!

Can anyone provide a link to a cheap test that I can buy online that is accurate? or a store please?
I prefer a test that would also check chlorine and ph, but that's not a huge concern.

Also, before you ask, I'm on city water that comes mostly from local wells not surface water. I called them and asked personally what the hardness is and they said it just varies from time of the year and where in the city you live. The range was too broad for me and I want one I can test my own.

Gary, you said you used to send them out with your orders so customers always knew they had zero hardness. That is what I'm after, what/where can I get that without paying $60 for a test kit?