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Thread: Need major help with Delta 3 way diverter and 3 way cartridge

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    Default Need major help with Delta 3 way diverter and 3 way cartridge

    Hey guys,

    I have a Delta 3 way shower diverter and the cartridge that goes with it. I just ran into a HUGE problem and it's not funny!!!

    Our bathroom is almost done from a remodel, so I went ahead and figured I'd install the cartridges. While I think the hot/cold are plumed right (I have no way of knowing at this point, a contractor did all the work) I figured I could do the diverter as that seemed easier. While reading the instructions to it over and over it said that the right port had to be blocked out and capped on the 3 way diverter. Problem arises. The contractor plugged the LEFT side instead. So I'm sitting thinking I'll have a shower, but no pressure will split between the handheld and the shower OR just the hand held. That was our whole point of going with 2 shower heads. To have one or the other on or both at the same time.

    Is there an easy solution to basically turn the valve 180 degrees so I don't have to rip open the back side drywall and remove the cap from the left side and move it to the right along with re-piping whatever shower head is on the right to left?

    I am so mad at this point I am not sure what to do. I tried taking apart the valve but it doesn't look like it's something I'm able to do as far as rotating the insides 180 degrees for it to function properly. I am just lost with this, this is the remodel from hell with all the problems.
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