My husband and I are replacing a 1950s bathtub with a shower. We plan on using an EL Mustee prefab shower pan (the kind made to replace a tub without having to move the drain). We fell in love with the Moen 90 Degree trim so we plan on purchasing that soon. We want to install both the standard shower head plus they make a handheld shower head that we want to install as well. We would like to be able to have either both shower heads on or be able to choose one or the other. The other thing is we need a valve with stops as we live in an 3 family building and need the ability to shut off the shower for repairs with out shutting the entire building down. Also, we would really like to avoid soldering. We have SEVERAL questions as this is our first bathroom remodel.

1) Do we need to purchase both a valve and 3-way diverter to get the desired functionality?
2) Which Moen valve would we need in order to have stops and not have to solder? My understanding is we have options of using CPVC or Pex or just compression fittings but I don't know if there is a preferred approach. Also, which diverter would we need?
3) I've attached a picture of what's currently there. Based on the answer to #2, how would we connect either the CPVC or Pex to the current plumbing?
4) I've also attached a picture of the drain. It appears to be less than 2". What will we need to do to connect it to the new Mustee shower pan? And also, how do we close off the overflow drain portion?

Thanks for any help you can provide! These forums have been great so far!
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