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Thread: Old Toilet problems

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    Default Old Toilet problems

    I have an American Standard toilet from 1985. Inside the tank it reads 4083 and M-3A. I have replaced the valve and flapper assembly 3 times in about 20 yrs. I last replaced the flapper kit less than a year ago. Eventually, these assemblies become unreliable and the toilet begins to run after every 2 or 3 flushes. Sometimes the chain attached to the flapper gets kinked and other times the metal flush handle itself just catches. Jiggling the handle will correct either problem but I don't always know it's running until sometime later.

    Is there a flapper kit you can recommend that is somewhat trouble free?

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    I would think a real plumbing supply house would be able to provide decent innards. You will still have an old water hog toilet, but it still should work as well as it ever did. Before I replaced my master bath toilet with a Toto, I had an AS of approximately the same vintage as yours, and it actually worked very well for over 20 years.

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    It appears that you need a new handle, not a new flapper. If it uses a standard flapper, and not a tilt-flush unit, then I ALWAYS use the Korky flapper.
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