Hoping someone can help!
We have a well system that includes a 2500 gallon reserve storage tank. Recently our water flow has dipped to a trickle. I'm wondering if the water trickle is due to gravity from the large storage tank, and not actually a result of lower pressure from the pressure tank. On the electrical panel next to the Pumptec, there is a box that has wires going in the top and bottom, and in the middle there is a black button that appears to be a connector switch. When that button is depressed, I can hear the pump in the 2500 gallon holding tank turn on. And at the same time, the pressure gauge on the pressure tank goes from 32 psi to around 60. That provides full water pressure to the entire house for around a minute or two. Then the pressure falls back to 32. The pressure tank switch contacts are in the closed position at all times, including when I depress the black button. I used a current tester and touched it to the two screws with wires on the pressure tank switch, and there is no current. But I'm not sure if current to the switch is continual, or if it only gets current when cut-in is activated.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!! frank