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Thread: An Amazing moment

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    Have you ever had one of those amazing moments? lol. I had one today. )
    My computer isn't working to well, and I am waiting on my son to fix it, and, I got a little boyfriend of mine age, 8, in ICU due to cardiac arrest, so, I needed an amazing moment more than ever.

    It all started by walking into Kuhns a supermarket.

    I was hurrying because of an approaching snow/icy conditions coming so, in no time soon, I headed to the cashier. She asked, " how are you?" I told her I was fine thank you, and asked how she was...

    She started crying. I asked her, if she was okay, and she said, " your smile" made me cry, and pointed to her cheek, making a smile on her face.

    She went on saying, that she was praying she would have a really kind person come up to her next because the lady before ... accused of her short changing her, and they had to count down her register, and the woman accused her of being rude to boot.

    I found it hard to believe she could be anything but nice.

    She was worried about being reprimanded and getting written up, and, when I told her, I was always written up, enough to wall paper my bath with them, she was laughing.

    I told her I was going to call when I left the store and tell the manager how nice, Sue, ( her) was to me, and a great cashier. And, I did.

    Now, she reached over and planted enough of kisses on my face, I was covered in lipstick, and, then, she was now wiping my face, and apologizing, and I just told her that it was okay, for I needed some color.

    She then asked my name, and, I said, " arlene" and, she said, it was a sign, this is a sign, and, told me, her sister who just passed her name was arlene.

    Then, I noticed she was gold angel pins on her smock.

    Well, I got to the end of the counter, now, recognizing the bagger, who I was finding a home for her aged guniea pig, she was moving and couldn't take him. I told her, I had lost her number, and asked for it again, and, she was now, needed a home for a cat. So, I gave her some paper and being she is handicap it take her a long time. So, I started to bag the groceries coming down the belt.

    When I looked up, the woman whose groceries I was bagging, was staring at me, and, I said," I am bagging your groceries" lol, and, with this she smiled this huge smile, which I was glad to see for, I thought she maybe, thought I was trying to steal them, lol.

    The cashier, Sue, then, announced loudly, that I was an angle, a real, angel... flesh & blood, angel. lol.

    I noticed that all cashiers, customer service people, other shoppers were all looking at me, lol.
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    Now, if you noticed alot of typos, etc, it is because I have to type and think, really fast, for my computer shuts off really fast, and alot.. I guess, time for a new one.

    I had to laugh when I reread where I wrote I was an angle. lol.

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    When, I got home, the cashier had called, and thanked me, saying, she needed a friend, and asked, if I would have coffee with her. I told her, she did more for me, than I did for her.

    My little friend, is not responsive, and they lowered his body temp to 95, an experimental procedure to help those with cardiac arrests.

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    I had this dream last night, I really did, that I was talking to the big guy, saying, that I can't make the difference for anyone, and what is the use in my life. Then, he said, that I never see the difference I make but it is there. Then, I told him, that my facuet was smoking, lol. Lol, and, said, " see see, that is my life! the sky is always falling in!" and, he started laughing... and, I said, " what you think it is funny that my facet is smoking?" He said, no, but you are...

    then, i woke up, and checked the sink.

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    That is a good story.
    Often times we change the day for those around us. A smile can mean so much, a rude word can mean so much.
    I love the movie concept "paying it forward"
    It all comes back to you.

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    My little friend had an EEG done and it shows some brain activity and he was moving his leg alittle more today but still non-responsive. They can do so much more for cardiac arrests now days than when my husband had his and didn't survive. Cass, had his second heart attack and is doing okay. He is still plumbing. even, after new stents put in. He is the best.

    That is one of my favorite movies, too, Terry.
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    The puter? I can barely, see the screen now, lol.

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    where's everyone? lol on vacation?

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    I had another dream last night. This time, I was talking to someone, ( i talk alot) even, in my dreams the legs of the chairs fall off, lol. but I drempt that someone was brushing my hair and I woke up to see about 2 inches from my face, Thomas, my cat, my deaf hyperactive cat, playing with my hair.

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