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Thread: What is the worst Valentine's gift you ever bought your sweetheart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    That sounds awfully nice! About the same price for a 5 lb box of Godiva chocolates. I looked up the prices for the heck of it, WOW, did they go up. 29 pieces of chocolate for 45 bucks, lol. Today, I might not be getting that big box...

    I haven't gotten anything for Valentine's day since 2005 at my request from anyone. That day was mine & Tim's and it will always stay that way. So, I refuse all offers for a dinner out, candy hearts, and cards. One year, I might go with my brother to a casino though. I might do that, and have a few drinks, hopefully, win a few bucks.
    Cookie, well what about the wedding bells you mentioned a week or 2 ago?
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    He's still in my life, lol, I just got to think on this and make sure this is what I really want, because I don't want to add divorcee to my list of experiences in life,
    I want to honeymoon at Sea World, he wants exotic places, I want a small wedding, he wants a big lavish wedding, he wants to buy me a new car,(lexus, yet) I want new tires & my heater fixed, I am just this simple, little person, who enjoys simple little things, and peace from annoying people, and, those do know, who they are.

    Not you Bob.
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