After purchasing a house a few months ago, I decided today was the day to remove the 18 year old fiberglass all-in-one tub/surround and replace it with a standard tub and tiled surround. I've done two full bath remodels in a previous home that were fairly straightforward, but this one has a couple new issues right from the start. The image below shows what was behind the fiberglass enclosure.

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The first thing I noticed was the drain and overflow are not in the proper position for any of the new tubs I'm considering. There's no room below the tee to cut and replace either. I guess my only option is to start chipping away at the concrete around the tee and see what is below. Hopefully I will be able to move the drain to the correct location.

The second issue is the 3/4" copper supply lines run in front of the studs in the corner of what will be the back wall of the tub. There isn't any room to reroute them in the corner. Should I build a triangular box around them, tile it, and use it as a built-out shelf? Do you see any other options?

Mesa, AZ