I am new to this forum and need some help. My 6 year 3 month old Weil Mclain Gold GV4 boiler has been acting up.
First I lost heat this past Tuesday. Called my regular HVAC repair guy out. After about an hour of checking, found out that my circulator pump was not running. Only the by-pass pump was running the system.
Got a new circulator pump installed the next day. System got back on and ran for about 30 minutes and then shut off.
The LED's were flashing the trouble: 'TSAT CIRC' which reads 'Frozen boiler water prevention activated'. In this mode the circulator pumps keeps working but the gas gets shut off. My repair guy messed around a few minutes then shut off the power for 45 secs as noted, turned it back on and the unit fired up again.
There lies my problem. The boiler keeps shutting down after approximately 30 minutes( I have timed it on several occasions). So for the past couple days I am running down to the basement to reset the boiler.
Should I replace the water temperature sensor ? I have now zipped tied it to the main return pipe in its original location to see if it needed to make better contact with the pipe.
Is my GV4 circuit board faulty? Once the house temperature reaches the set point it shuts off the unit and the LED is all green.
Also I have noticed that the temperature on my thermostat goes about 5 degrees below the set point before it calls for heat to refire the unit. Does my programmable Thermostat need replacing? it is only 1.5 years old.
Let me know your thoughts.